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Tail Army Cadets

Archives & Military History   Kelly Newstead - Chair
Matt McCann
Bob Langford
Bar/Canteen   Terry Campbell - Chair
Brunch   TBD - Chair
Business Planning   Matt McCann - Chair
Policy & Procedures
  Steve Gourdeau - Chair
Cadets   Matt McCann
Canada Day   Kathy Campbell - Chair
Bonnie McCann - Vice Chair
Conflict Resolution
  Steve Gourdeau - Chair
Emergency Committee   Fred Healey - Chair
Steve Gourdeau
  Matt McCann - Chair
Ann Healey
Bob Langford
Kelly Newstead
Steve Gourdeau
Honours & Awards   Kelly Newstead - Chair
Hospital/Funeral   Jim Haslett - Chair
House   Fred Healey - Chair
Bill White
Terry Campbell
Bonnie McCann
Gerry Moore
Housekeeping   Bill White - Chair
Mae White
IT   Bob Langford - Chair
Steve Gourdeau
Ladies Auxiliary President   Grace Smith
Membership   Ann Healey - Chair
Bob Langford
Peninsula Pearls Liaison   Sherry McKay
Poppy and
Remembrance Day
  Bonnie Jenkins - Chair
Publicity   Bob Langford - Chair
Ridgewood   Joe Stack - Chair
Security   Steve Gourdeau - Chair
Snow / Sand/
Lawn Care
  Judy MacFarland - Chair
Crib Mike Ferris
Darts Bill White
Ball Alex Kipping
Succession Planning   Steve Gourdeau - Chair
Flags & Cenotaph
  Matt McCann - Chair
Vets & Friends   Jim Haslett - Chair
Ways & Means   Mary White - Chair
Welfare of the Branch   Kathy Campbell - Chair
Kelly Newstead
Bonnie Jenkins