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Kelly Newstead
Kelly Newstead
Branch Service Officer
506 763-3009

The duties of a Branch Service Officer are many and varied.  He should attend all General Meetings to act as advisor and counsel on “service” matters.  Some of the Particular aspects of Legion service work are:

Disability Pensions (widows included);
Treatment regulations;
Benevolent Funds:
Legion Poppy Funds;
War Veterans Allowance;
Social Assistance (welfare);
Burials, including COC, DVA and Last Post Fund;
Old Age Security and Guaranteed Income Supplement;
Canada Pension Plan or Quebec Pension Plan;
Housing: and
Veterans Independence Program.

Although the scope is large, the Branch Service Officer is not expected to know all the details of veterans’ legislation etc.  That is why the Legion employs both Provincial and Dominion Command service Officers to assist in this regard.

The Service Office should let it be known where and when he can be contacted.

The following publications are normally available from the Command Service Bureau and are recommended reading for a Branch Service Officer:

Royal Canadian Legion Group Life Insurance Plan;
War Veterans Allowance;
Last Post Fund brochure;
Canada Pension Plan or Quebec Pension Plan’
Your Old Age Security and Guaranteed Income Supplement Guide;
Spouses Allowance;
Veterans Affairs Services and Benefits; and
Each province also has a number of informative pamphlets available on Senior Citizen benefits.

It is vital that the Branch Service Officer keep discussions with persons seeking assistance confidential.  If this is not done, the Branch Service Officer will not have any credibility and ne unable to properly carry out the responsibilities of this position.

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