Poppy 2020
Poppy Campaign 2020

Peninsula Br. 62 President Kathy Campbell presented the first poppy for the branch to Life Member Bill Wood with the assistance of Branch Poppy Chairperson Bonnie Jenkins.  The annual Poppy Campaign for 2020 will start on Friday Oct 30th so keep a look out for poppy volunteers on the ferries, at the farmers market and at Foodland and Canadian Tire.

Peninsula Br. 62 brought in total revenue, from all sources last year, for our Poppy Trust Fund, which included the poppy campaign, wreath and crosses and donations totaling $16,174.94.  Our expenses for poppies, wreathes and crosses and promotion material was $4,554.69.  Disbursements totaling $6,045.48 consisted of grants to Veterans/dependents, bursaries, donations/authorized expenses, youth programs and provincial assessment.


We thank everyone for all theirs years of support for the Poppy Campaign as we begin a new campaign that will look a bit different this year.

Donations gratefully accepted
Contact Kathy @ rcl62peninsula@gmail.com