Peninsula Pearls - Lunch Groups

Group 1 Fran Gamble, Joyce Newstead, Claudia Small, Nada Nadj,
Dianne Jenkins, Carolyn Clark, Geraldine Grieve
Group 2 Nancy Dann, Lynn Quinn, Rosalie Weeks, Bernice Blizzard,
Barb Pitt, Janice Buckley Marj Seely, Doreen Waddell

Group 3 Audrey Arthurs, Georgie Buckley, Jean MacDonald, Doreen Estey, Geraldine Barrie, Sharon McC-P, Helen Allison
Group 4 Sherry McKay, Grace Smith, Kathy Vey, Juanita Sheldrick,
Judy Betteridge, Jean Holmes, Nancy Campbell, Norma Waddell

Spare List Anyone not listed ma get a call due to sickness, road conditions, etc. to help out if you are able.

On your Group Day please arrive a little early to make sure everything is put out, pour milk, etc. That day your group is responsible to pour teat, replenish if necessary, and make sure the tables are cleared before the guest speaker/activity, etc.

Each member of your group should bring at least one (1) loaf of sandwiches and a sweet, or trade with someone on your group, whatever.

Everyone helps with tablecloths, and putting tables and chairs away (except on Legion meeting night) because of Flex N' Flow exercise program, and the Foot Clinic.

Thank You to Everyone