Peninsula Pearls - Lunch Groups
Group 1 Janice Buckley, Claudia Small, Janet Beyea, Dianne Jenkins, Carolyn Clark, Geraldine Grieve. Danielle Langford
Group 2 Bernice Blizzard, Barb Pitt, Marg Seeley, Ann Healey, Mae White, Judy Betteridge, Bonnie McCann
Group 3 Audrey Arthurs, Marg Ward, Jean MacDonald,
Doreen Estey, Geraldine Barrie, Sharon McC-Porter,
Helen Allison
Group 4 Sherry McKay, Grace Smith, Juanita Sheldrick, Jean Holmes,
Nancy Campbell, Norma Waddell, Doreen Waddell
Spare List I have had to arrange, and delete some members due to health reasons, we really could use some new participants . As the age factor keeps gpsing up!

If you are not on the list, and feel like making something sometime, yo could give one of the older members a break, or fill in in case of sickness.

Thank You


No NUTS or PEAUTS in our donations of food!


IF YOU ARE ILL, OR AWAY ON VACATION, and cannot do lunch, pplease find your replacement, from another group, or trade days, or whatever!

Lunch consists of a loaf of sandwiches, and a sweet, remember we sometines are feeding several guests too.

NOTE: the day your group is on, plesase arrive a little early and get sandwiches and sweets on trays, and onto the table. Milk pitchers heave to be filled , and gathered up after lunch.


They will get done!

Thanks Sherry


Thank You to Everyone